What's the sound of the Paulice?

dumb stuff

Created after a rousing discussion on the same topic in my lab.

Block Puzzle Solver

programming, puzzle

A friend once described sudoku as a DDOS for the brain. Turns out my vulnerability is wooden block puzzles.


programming, info management

Because reading news yourself is so 2016.

A Better Site By Design


Why use something elegant and reliable, when you can build a terrible implementation yourself?

Heads Up Display

programming, info management, wearables

I backer a kickstarter making glasses-mounted HDMI screens, and am using that as the basis for the bulkiest mobile computing setup this side of 1995.

Design Thinking

design, research

For a lab project, we all had to write up our approach to design. Here's my take on it, with a focus on my core concepts.

IoT Devices I've Tried

programming, iot

My life just isn't connected *enough* yet, so I screw around with various IoT boards and systems. Here I'll try to keep my running thoughts about them.

Food-for-Thought slides

programming, research, machine learning

Our lab has started doing internal lunch presentations. I wanted to learn more about reveal.js, so I gave a quick tutorial on machine learning.

Twitter Link Aggregator

programming, info management

I like robots and hate social media, so I worte a scraper that aggregates the most popular links about robots on twitter.

Cool Robot Stuff


A seldom-updated list of cool robots and robot stuff.

Popular Robot Links

programming, info management

Popular links about robots on twitter.

Water Rocket Simulator


A quick simulator I threw together to predict water rocket trajectories from certain design and launch conditions, to support a friend's class.

Ferris Brewler

iot, programming, brewing

Singapore's too hot to brew anything but an ale at room temperature, so we tore apart a refrigerator, hacked together our own temperature controller, and connected it to the internet. This is our dashboard for the internet of beer.

Color Tool

programming, design, tools, javascript

A simple tool I made to learn more about d3 and to help with creating color palettes. Click on a square to zoom to that part of the RGB cube.